Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thy Gentleness Hath Made Me Great


“Thou hast also given me the shield of thy salvation: and thy right hand hath holden me up, and thy gentleness hath made me great.” Psalm 18:35

Dear Congregation,
       In this psalm, David praises God for His excellent provision. This verse stands out in highlighting three aspects of God’s provision. Those of us in Christ may also praise the Lord for His giving us these provisions in the same manner as David.
The first provision is the shield of salvation. Do not think of a wooden shield that can splinter, crack, or rot if external elements have their way with it. Think of an impenetrable shield made of an indestructible substance that is not known to mankind. Nothing can destroy the salvation that God has given you. You have it as a shield from sin, from shame, from guilt, from death, and from fear. God’s salvation and protection is total and guaranteed by the effectiveness and victory of the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise God!
            The second praiseworthy provision is that God’s right hand helps and holds you up. Do not underestimate the significance of God’s right hand. Remember that it was the words of God that created all of the universe but his right hand, his fighting hand, is put into action to hold you and help you. There is nothing that you go through as a child of God in which you are totally alone. There is no trial, no challenge, no sorrow, no temptation, neither happy occasions where God’s hand is not upon you to hold you and help you. You may doubt yourself, but do not doubt His right hand. If you feel weak, the power of God is mad more perfect and effective to act in your weakness. The unbeliever only has his or her own two hands and feet in which to act. You have the right hand of Almighty God. Praise his name!
            The last praiseworthy provision of this verse is perhaps most significant as it also fuels the other two. God’s gentleness has made you great. That is, His mercy, and His unearned favor. By Grace you have the shield of His Salvation and by Grace His right hand holds you up. But His grace has also made you great. You have been made a king and a priest unto God. You have been adopted into the family of the heavenly realm and are called a son or a daughter of the most high. This is all because of God’s love towards us, because of His gentleness. Though we were all born children of wrath, in Christ are we made free, clean, alive, and eternal. This is not the action of a fictional, angry, spiting, and hateful God. We who know his love know His gentleness as a vital to His being. All glory laud and honor to the Redeemer for His gentleness! What a wonderful salvation what a wonderful Gospel, what a wonderful Lord! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
In Christ,

Pastor Basile