Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Walk With The King


“For the Lord is our judge; the Lord is our lawgiver; the Lord is our king; he will save us.” Isaiah 33:22

Dear Congregation,
        A few weeks ago, this verse was a brief end cap to my sermon on this chapter. However, it was pointed out to me that this one verse contains so much theological meat and strength, that more time should be devoted to it. You remember the context is the future righteous reign of Christ and His glorious kingdom. While the full earthly extent of this verse will be the reality in that day, it nevertheless is true now. That current relevant truth is something we should meditate on and rejoice over.
            First, the Lord is our judge. We have all heard it said in a flippant casual tone “only God can judge me” as if that exempts a person from any wrong doing or correction whatsoever. The person who truly understands himself and his God knows that if God were indeed to cast judgment it would be no pleasant circumstance. When human beings are judged on their own they are always found guilty. Who among us is so puffed up that he or she can boast of always being right. In that day, true justice will always be served. Corruption and false witness will have no place and only God’s perfect discernment will be brought to bear. Praise God that the Christian will never be judged by his or her own deeds! In Christ we are judged according to His perfect righteousness. Our name is graven on His hands and we are made innocent by the free grace of God!
The Lord is our lawgiver. This is always true. We are called to remember that there is no law without God’s law. God is eternally the only authority who can decree for all mankind regardless of culture, nation, or creed. All just law must be based on God’s law otherwise it comes from the authority of men and is therefore relative and adaptable to the whims of men and women. Though now there are immoral and unjust laws, though now evil is called good and good evil, in that day all will be consistent with the heavenly father’s righteousness and goodness. Praise God for Christ who kept God’s law perfectly so that we, who cannot, never had to! Praise God that the lawgiver sent a perfect spotless lamb as the atoning sacrifice for all who believe. Praise God that the Christian does not have to fear the lawgiver, but in Christ may find the law and its master a true friend and beloved father.
The Lord is our king; He will save us. If you know the Lord Jesus, He must be your king. Christianity is not fire insurance but a new life born from on high. It carries new perspectives, new loves, new ideals, new goals all under obedience to Christ. Praise God that you have a king who knows you intimately and loves you wholly! Praise God that you may count upon him to save you to the uttermost. There is no real threat that can ever defeat your king and likewise there is no real threat that can ever defeat you if you are in Him. To walk with your king is a blessed privilege and comfort. To know your salvation and be assured of it is beyond imagination. Take comfort from this verse and rejoice in your Savior. We, the people of God are precious in His sight. May His preciousness and Glory comfort us and carry us through all our days and trials. Amen.
In Christ,

Pastor Basile