Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Faith In The Least

He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much. Luke 16:10

Dear Congregation,
          As much as we speak of God’s grace, and praise Him for it, it strikes me how often we let it slip from our concentration and absorption. In the above passage, our Lord tells a parable that often confuses the reader. Among its varied applications is one which reminds us that faith and grace are so elementary to our salvation that their effects cannot be falsely manufactured. Christ has called us to Himself and has justified us, is sanctifying us, and will glorify us. Through all this He has given us our station, talents, personality, etc. He has also called us to a particular ministry. In concrete terms the above verse teaches that when faithful in small tasks, we will likewise show faithfulness in larger ones. However, I wish to direct your thinking to an additional aspect.
      All that is of great eternal value is given to us by faith and grace. Because I believe the Gospel, I therefore inherit a kingdom and life eternal that is beyond my earthly comprehension. The least amount of faith brings with it so much reward. In this world we are constantly bombarded by pressures and fears. The “what ifs?” of life easily haunt us. But in Christianity the “what ifs?” are not to worry us or crush us. My Lord has it all in hand. I often share as part of my testimony that I was convicted of a call to gospel ministry at the age of sixteen. What I do not often share is that during a period of time in college, before grace was an element I understood more fully, I wondered whether the pastorate was for me. My doubts came as a result of the position being held up as one for super men who could not fail, could not be ignorant, could not sin, and always had to be marble men in a fish bowl. In that light, I would make a better history teacher. With grace I came to understand that all I really needed to do was trust and depend upon the Lord. To have faith, and then God would sort out and give the increase. What a burden lifted!
          Perhaps you are going through a rough week, month, year, or decade? Perhaps you feel inadequate, that your life does not mount up to enough? That you need to prove more before you die? I suggest you remember grace and faith.  While I am  still relatively young, I have adopted a contentment in the realization that my life could be over tomorrow. I refuse to live a life where I am afraid of not meeting an earthly goal. May I simply be faithful to my Lord even in the least of things. Be faithful! Your Lord has plans and purpose to use you for His glory in ways that may seem small to you, but not to Him. Be humble! You are of Him and through Him and to Him! Rejoice! For He has saved you and loves you. He has given you much by grace through faith and will continue to do so through all eternity. Your faithfulness in even the smallest of things counts for much in the only court that really matters. Rest in your Savior!
In Christ,
Pastor Basile