Friday, February 22, 2019

Hold Fast

But that which ye have already hold fast till I come. Revelation 2:25

Dear Congregation,
      The visible church on earth has for many centuries been titled the Church Militant. The term carries with it a sense of action, a movement for a cause, a passion for something that must be done. This is a helpful thought for us as the Scripture often puts the Christian life in militaristic terms. We are told to be good soldiers of Jesus Christ, to fight the good fight of faith, and to make sure we have our spiritual armor on. Our faith is one that requires us to go on the offensive. We all value evangelism and mission. We all should want to be part of that work and should daily seek out how we as members of the Body of Christ can participate in that calling. And yet, it is worthy to remember that unless what we are fighting for is kept true and pure, there is no point to offensive mission at all.
          The above verse is spoken by our Lord to His church in Thyatira. It is a congregation that has love, service, faith, and patience, but has been led astray by false teaching. God’s message has been twisted. Because of this the faithful among them are burdened and have a fight on their hands that seems too much to handle. To them the Lord says hold fast what you have. How encouraging these words still are to a church in our own century. It is easy for a faithful Christian to despair at the work that must be done. The unbelief, apathy, cruelty, ignorance, and falsehood often seem more than any congregation can handle. Yet, when truth and righteousness are held up, kindled, and cherished, this may have an effect on the strength of a church greater than all the offensive campaigns that can be devised. In holding fast we are exercising faith and reliance on our great commander. In holding fast we are displaying an obedience to the One who uses us in His plans of action. In holding fast we are recognizing the peace that passes all understanding keeping our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Holding fast does not negate evangelism or mission, in fact it deepens its quality.
          If you feel overwhelmed by the problems in the news, distresses in your family, uncertainty with your health, or lack of faith amongst your loved ones, hold fast. The verse above also reminds us that He is coming and the mission He has given us will be completed. The verse twenty six tells the church that the faithful will have power over the nations. Your allegiance to Christ is right. Your actions for His kingdom are not in vain. Your zeal for orthodoxy brings great reward. Occupy till He comes. Redeem the time, for the days are evil. Hold fast in your love for Christ, His Gospel, His church, His coming. He eternally holds fast for us. He has won and will see you through in that victory.
Hold Fast In Christ,
Pastor Basile