Thursday, March 14, 2019

Real Peace

My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. John 14:27

Dear Congregation,
       A great study may be done on this verse in its entirety, but my devotional thoughts for you this week are quite simple. Christ has given us His peace, and His peace is nothing like the peace the world can give. It strikes me that the world’s peace is only an absence of something. There is peace when there is no war, noise, strife, worry, toil, etc. The best peace the world can provide is merely an absence of some negative element that may be registered by the senses. Not only is the world’s peace one dimensional this way, but it is always temporary. Anything that may cease may just as easily be able to start up again the next day. Your sleep may be peaceful, but your alarm in the morning ends it and your annoying New Jersey commute is only a few minutes away again. The world’s peace is hollow and temporary.
          Christ provides those who trust in Him with His own peace. We may understand that this same peace is one that passes all understanding as Philippians tells us. However, since it is a given peace from God it has an active nature. It is not merely an absence of something negative; it has the power to effect change. Think of Christ’s peace given to you as the same peace that calmed the raging storm on the Sea of Galilee.  The Lord Jesus actively did that. I suggest that he does that with all of us who are His. Peace, be still! Be still and know that He is God! I am thankful for the given peace that comes with my salvation. It certainly takes the worry and insecurity of my soul and eternal state away, but it also gives me an active assurance and mission for my life. We proclaim His Gospel of peace and we can also rest in His activity to bring it to effect. This is a wonderful peaceful truth. Additionally the peace that our savior gives actively calms the burdens and stresses of this earthly life. I do not have to work to create peace, Christ has given it!
          If this peace seems too far out of reach and does not seem present in your life right now, I suggest you pray for it and also consider how powerful and capable your Lord is to handle everything. As He becomes your greatest reality, the trials and tribulations diminish in stature and lose their teeth. He has given you an everlasting peace! You may not understand it here but it is real and it is active. Do not look for peace in a vacation or a good meal or a long nap or a medical cure. Look for peace in your Savior, His Word, His promises, and His action!
In Christ,
Pastor Basile