Tuesday, May 28, 2019


But immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying, “Be of good cheer! It is I; do not be afraid.” Matthew 14:27

Dear Congregation,
       I want to encourage you with the words and impact of the above verse. The disciples are in a boat in the middle of the Sea of Gallilee at night in the dark. The circumstances naturally lead to a disposition of trepidation. When The Lord Jesus comes walking on the water to meet them they are naturally even more disturbed and think even worse of their situation. But the Lord’s words are to be of good cheer, for He is with them and they have no reason to be afraid. He identifies Himself, He draws near, and all will be well.

      There is so much in life to cause us to be afraid. Life sometimes feels like a boat in the middle of a sea in the dark. We do not know what is around us very well and all seems so fragile that any moment we could be tossed overboard. For calm we distract ourselves, but all distractions come to an end. We take comfort in the familiar and hope it will not change. But the familiar always changes and often that unsettles us. We hope the future will be like the past, because the past is what we know. Yet the future never ceases to surprise us and shake us. We turn to our fellow shipmates for strength, community, and friendship. But ultimately we are all in the same boat and cannot solve one another’s problems. Then comes the Lord. He is not in the boat, He is not in the water, He is above it and has power over it. He tells us to be of good cheer. Not because the circumstances have changed. The sea is still wet and the night is still dark. Be of good cheer because He is here! He is with us! We have no need to be afraid for the Lord is powerful to save us and keep us.

          Through your daily struggles, think on this reality. Christ Jesus is with you. He has come, died for you, is risen, and has sent the comforter to be with you. He is ruling and reigning and all is in His hands. Though all else fall away and be lost, you still have Him! As a church may we know the good success of Joshua 1:8 through our meditating on, speaking, and obeying the Word of God. The Word, which tells us of Christ and to be of Good cheer no matter the temporary outward appearance of things. If we have His Word and His presence there is no need to fear though all the world be against us, for greater is the One who is with us than he that is in the world. Be encouraged Christian! You have eternal security, a lasting mission, a powerful comforting Lord, one who will never leave you or forsake you or His church!
In Christ,
Pastor Basile